Prefatory remarks

Now we are going to open a new era , people would happily live in symbiosis with nature.
The Industrial Revolution had gave us countless benefits , so people didn’t need to struggle in daily lives .
But, it seems that we have forgot how pleasant it is to create something by ourselves with natural materials , and it can make us more wealthy , healthy and lovely.
We believe that our ancestors had left the great wisdom into the bast fiber textiles .
That wisdom will open the door to even more brilliant future.
Let’s participate in kudzu-fu workshop and have a advanced view of the future.

What’s kudzu-fu?

Kudzu vines can be seen everywhere along the side of freeways or on river banks during spring and summer seasons in Japan.
The kudzu-plant blooms magenta colored flowers that are loved by Japanese people as one of the Seven Autumn Plants in Japan.
Kudzu-fu is woven with the fiber taken from kudzu vines.
Kudzu-fu has a long history.
The most ancient kudzu-fu found in China , is from Neolithic Period(around B.C.4325).
In Japan , a kudzu-fu made in Tumulus Period was excavated.
Kudzu-fu is very light and beautiful with it’s brilliant shine.
Beside , it contains Allantoin which make people’s skin strong , and it is easy to be dyed with natural materials .

In this workshop you can learn process of kudzu-fu production from the first to the last.
We will pleased to welcome those who interested in weaving and dyeing or environmental problems , and researchers from all over the world .
Everyone who participated in our workshop had nice characters ,so they could make friends each other soon .
They have been kept contact each other till now and have meeting several times a year. That so pleased us.

Workshop Programs

Aug. 19 (Tue.)

  • 9:30 assemble at Ooigawa kudzu-fu weaving studio
  • harvest/cook kudzu vines ( outdoor)
    • learn how to harvest kudzu vines , make a fermentation mound , boil kudzu vines


  • lecture history of kudzu-fu , the meaning of colors
    • learn the latest result of research about kudzu-fu
  • making kudzu threads
    • learn how to tear kudzu vines into threads
  • convivial party at evening (option)


  • dyeing with natural materials
  • making kudzu threads


  • clean kudzu fiber in a stream (outdoor)
  • bring kudzu vines ferment enough to a stream and clean them


  • weave kudzu sampler
  • finishing
  • evaluation meeting
  • 16:00 close

Some sessions during the workshop will take place outdoors. The temperature in August in Shimada city could reach 90℉.

The place

Ooigawa Kudzu-fu Weaving Studio


by train
Take the Tokaido Shinkansen(Bullet Train)Line to Shizuoka station or Kakegawa station. Change to the local railroad line.
Get off at Kanaya station. Twenty minutes walk from Kanaya station , or change to Ooigawa railroad line and get off at Shinkanaya station. Five minutes walk from Shinkanaya station.
by car
Two km south of Kanaya oojiro interchange of the bypass of National Route 1.
Three km south of Kanaya interchange of Shintomei superhighway.
Parking available


there is the nearest business hotel to our studio.
JP¥5000~/night include a breakfast

Contact information

Ooigawa Kudzu-fu Weaving Studio
1747 kanayakawahara , Shimada city , Shizuoka prefecture , 428-0021 , Japan
phone 81-547-45-4151
fax 81-547-45-3200

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