official website of Oigawa Kudzu Cloth 遠州の伝統手織り 葛布を今に伝える工房 大井川葛布

Oigawa kudzu cloth was established in 1952 .This studio was built about 60 years ago.

There are more than 5 looms in Studio. These looms were made in Meiji period about 130 years ago. Japanese loom has not chair. When we weave,we set a board in front of loom on which we can sit. Mostly these looms have two heddles for plane weaving.
◆Antic travel coat and Bushi Ceremonial dress of Kudzu cloth .

◆ When winter comes, the brazier is fired and we put the billy on it.
It is a dress box made in Meiji Period ,about 100years ago
There are more than 100 books about weaving and dyeing.
It's a Keitokuchin China made in Sh'ing dynasty. This pottery has beautiful blue color.
In winter season, you can see the antic tribe carpet and a brazier.
When you come my atelier we will serve you tea. We have many kind of teas such as kudzu flower tea , green tea and blue tea...etc .