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2015 Aug. Kudzu-Fu Workshop

We can hold English kudzu-fu workshop,

19th〜23rd Aug. 2015

81,000 JPY/1person
in August only

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1st day cultivate kudzu and boil it . ferment it in bed which is made of silver grass leaves.
2nd day lecture. history of kudzu  mean of color・・・etc. feast at night
3rd day: vegetable dyeing class and make kudzu strings
4th day: wash kudzu in river
5th day weave the kudzu fabric
WorkShop fee
¥81000JPY / 5days

We held the dyeing and weaving class twice a month.
Moreover, the Kudzu Cloth WorkShop is held twice in August every year.
・・・We held Kudzu cloth workshop
Kudzu cloth was one of the most oldest clothe that Humankind wore at the very first of his history.It is made of kudzu vine .It is one of the three great ancient clothes in Japan. The others are Shina-fu(Linden fabric) and Basyo-fu. Kudzu is still woven in the Shizuoka Prefecture Enshu area by us.

Every year people join our workshop from all over Japan . They were university student ,
housewife , school teacher , carpenter , researcher・・・etc. One of them was a Russian researcher who research old Japanese fabric as a member of museum stuff.
Everyone who joined our workshop had nice character ,so they made friends each other soon .
They have kept contact till now and meet several times a year. That so pleased us.

Kudzu cloth workshop tour 2011