2020 Kudzu-fu Workshop

Kudzu fu workshop   for foreign parsons
the first time:2020 29 July~2 Aug.
 77,000 JPY

Classes in this workshop will be conducted in English

We recommend an early application by e-mail,cause we are often away from studio in Aug.

Kudzu fu workshop  
the first time:2020 5~9 Aug.
the second time:2020 19~23 Aug.

This workshop will be held in Japanese

We recommend an early application by e-mail,cause we are often away from studio in Aug.


You can learn all about kudzu!!

Think about a sustainable coexistence between people and nature
and environmental problems through cloth.
Get hints for the next new era.
Kudzu is known as the seven autumn plants by Japanese.
Kudzu-fu is woven with fiber which was gain from kudzu vines.
People has been used non twisted kudzu thread for weft and cotton for warp.
It is recognized as three major primitive clothes in Japan.
You can learn how to make kudzu-fu and history of kudzu-fu in this workshop.
There were many participants in this workshop from various regions.
They were paticipants who were complete amateur about weaving and dyeing , expert dyers and weavers , interested in dyeing and weaving , researchers etc.
They were really exciting!
And there were some participants who are thinking about a sustainable coexistence between people and nature through primitive clothes.
There is a friendly atmosphere at this workshop and participants will make friends each other soon.


Apply for Kudzu Workshop by e-mail , fax , and phone.
2014 Workshop album
LinkIcon2014 worlshop
2011年 Workshop album
LinkIcon2011 workshop


fieldwork , lecture , fruitful five days!

first day

haevest kudzu vines , making Japanee pampas grass bed , fermentation , lecture

second day

lecture oh kudzu-fu history (consider environmental problem through sustainable clothe)

making kudzu threads with kudzu-o

convivial party at evening

third day

dyeing kudzu-fu(vegetable dye) making kudzu threads

fourth day

washing kudzu in the river , making kudzu tsuguri

fifth day

weaving kufzu-fu , meeting for reviewing

Process for participation

1.Ask us attendance documents by e-mai , phone , fax.
2.We will send you attendance documents for example attendance application , more info.etc
3.Choose whether the first time or the second time (you can apply separately the first time and the second time.
Partial participation will be also welcomed.
4.Choose stay at hotel or not.
5.Fill out an application and send it by e-mal , fax , post.
6.Pay a deposit by postal transfer , bank transfer , net shop.
7.Pay the balance of course fee. (you may pay it on the first day of workshop)
8.We wikk send you the final information a week before workshop.
9.Prepare the items necessary for workshop and attend workshop.

Kudzu-fu Workshop  Q&A
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● If you cancel by seven days before workshop , we will refund the total amount except a deposit and bank transfer fees .
If you cancel from six days before workshop to the day before workshop , we will refund the total amount except a deposit , bank transfer fees and accident insurance fee.
You can not cancel after workshop starts .
We are very sorry but we can not refund a deposit in any case.

You can participate kudzu-fu workshop partly , for examle three days in the first terms and two days in the second terms.
When you complete five days couese even partly , you will have a completion certificate .
We need ¥1000 for accident insurance for each terms , so if you will participate both the first terms and the second terms you will have to pay total ¥2000.

Fee for partial participation

Fee for partial participation ¥10800/day or half day
Deposit ¥10000
Accident incurance ¥1000/day

You can pay the fee for deposit and participant on line.
LinkIconfor payment

■Extra Cost

cost for kudzu bast, kudzu thread , kudzu-fu , silk yarn, cotton yarn etc. for dyeing
You can pay for the material for dyeing by credit card at our workshop.
cost of lunch , dinner
cost of accommodation (fee for breakfast is included)
cost of convival party ( around ¥5500)
entrance fee of hot spring
cost of transport to the workshop

We rreccommend a business hotel to you.
If you make hotel reservation to us directly, you will have benefits as below.

■Hotel 123 Shimada
single room ¥5200/day (tax and breakfast included)→ ¥4900 reduced price for workshop participants
twin room ¥7000/day ( tax and breakfast included )→ ¥6700  reduced price for workshop participants
You can choose the non-smoking room or smoking room.
You can get the hotel about 2~3minutes on foot.
Please contact the hotel if you need a detailed explanation
Parking available
You may send your luggage to the hotel prior to your arrival.

Hotel 123 Phone number 0547-34-0123


■By train

Take Tokaido Shinkansen and get off at Shizuoka station or Kakegawa station.
Change the train to the local line and get off at Kanaya station.
Change the train to Ooigawa train line and get off at Shinkanaya station.
It takes 15minutes from Shinkanaya station to our workshop.


2km south from Kanaya ojiro interchange of National Route 1  
15 minutes drive from Makinohara interchange of Tomai Expressway.

2km 7minutes drive from Kanaya interchange of Shintomei Expressway.

Parking available

On day one we will pick you up at Japan railway Shinkanaya station at 9:06.
Get off the train at JR Kanaya station at 9:01 then change the train to the local line . Ooigawa railway and get off the train at Shinkanaya station at 9:06
The timetable may change by season, please refer to the following.

LinkIconOoigawa railway timetable

 On day 2 to day 5 please come to the workshop by yourself.
Take the train from Shimada station to Kanaya station and walk to the workshop. It takes around 15 minutes.
You can borrow a bicycle from Hotel 123 free of charge.

We will drive you to the hotel everyday.

Harvest kudzu: Sickle(prune off Japanese pampas grass) If you cannot bring sickle, we will borrow you it.
Pruning scissors( for cutting kudzu vines)
Long sleeves, long pants, hat, sunblock….

Do not wear black, or Bees consider you as a enemy and might attack you.
Dyeing: Apron,rain shoes,plastic long groves.
Washing kudzu: We will enter into the river,wear short pants or swimming wear, flip-flop sandals, hat.
Weaving : small scissors , marking pins , glasses. slippers
Extra things: Insuranse card, medicine for insect bite and you own diseases.

Welcome party will be held at the Japanese restaurant near by the hotel1 2 3.
Participation in that party is your choice. But by all means ,please participate in that party as well.
You will served beautiful , delicious Japanese foods.After this party everybody becomes very close.
Participant who are in kimono ill be welcomed, Oyakata and Okamisann also wear kimono at that party.
Expense of the party (around¥5,500)

Please be careful of your health ,cause the workshop will be held in hot middle of summer.
Please let us know in advance if you have chronic disease or worry about your physical strength, and the emergency contact details.Health insurance ID card must be brought.

Ooigawa railway steam locomotive in Shimada city LinkIconOoigawa railway
Stone pavement of Tokaido in Shimada city LinkIconstone pavement

Fuku Akino Art Museum in Hamamatsu
Cape Omaezaki in Omaezaki
Kunozan Toshogu in Shizuoka
Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art in Shizuoka 

fax 81-547-45-3200  E-mail seraph@tokai.or.jp

Kanayaizumi-cho 5-1, Shimada, Shizuoka, Japan  

Don’t worry about that. Every participants will experience the kudzu-fu making at first time in their life.
They ( including you)will learn and make wonderful textile , helping each other.

People who are interested in weaving , dyeing , gloval environmental issues, plants and agriculture, history of clothing and so on.
For example,dyeind and weaving artisan, weaving and dyeing teacher, professor of university, reseacher, farmer, teacher at Eco~institute and beginner at all means….etc.
Every participants get along with everyone soon, and make the network of their own.
I heard they have been keep contact on SNS till now.

We will harvest pampas grass and kudzu vine outdoor in morning of day one .
We will finish harvest as soon as it is over. In the afernoon the temperature will get higher than morning.
We will dye outdoor on day three. There are shade which enable us to get out of the sun.
Day four we will go to the river . The murmuring stream make you feel comfortable.
We will make thread and weave in workshop.

It’s OK.
Please do it within your comfort zone.
Lecturer will help you.
Also you may observe the others .

It’s OK, you will rejuvenate if you will do it in your comfort zone.
Above 80 years old man participated to this work shop before.
Elders are wiser to control their health condition than young man.

I highly recommend you to participate the reception.
you will hear the other participant’s talk and see their works , having Japanese cuisine.
Please wear kimono if you like,or wear the cloth you made.
Dress code at reception is “ happy pleasant dress”
Lecturer will also wear kimono they made by themselves.

You are far from us? But there were participants who came from more far than you!
There were participants who came from Hokkaido, Taiwan, USA, Russia and Norway before.

A few years ago Shizuoka Air Port was built at the place where 12 minutes by car from us.
Four round flight services per day between Shizoka and Fukuoka.
One round flight service between Shizuoka and Hokkaido.
Flight to Shanghai, Taipei and Soul are also available.
LinkIconShizuoka Air Port

 I recommend participants who are from far to stay at hotel on a day before workshop.
Workshop will over at 16:30 on day 5.
Maybe you may stay one more night and see sights around our workshop.

You may just see if you pay tuition for workshop.


I recommend you to participate every year. 

There was participant who joined the workshop 5 times successively.
If it is impossible , Why you don’t join the workshop after 2 years or 3years , then you will completely understand about kudzu-fu.

Tatsuhiko Murai the president of Ooigawa kdzu-fu weaving studio ia also the Ceo of Japan Bast fiber textile organization.
He knows whole information about Japan bast fiber weaving.
Why don’t you join us and ask any questions to him?

There were many university students who made kudzu-fu for their graduation works.
If you are 4th grade, I recommend you to participate in the first terms in August because of the harvest time .