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official website of Oigawa Kudzu Cloth 遠州の伝統手織り 葛布を今に伝える工房 大井川葛布

Weaving class

We offer weaving class several times in a month.
You might worry to join us , because you have no experience nor tools.
But do not hesitate to attend our classes.
We will teach you the basic weaving technics carefully. Then you will learn more complicated skills step by step.
Therefor you can gain the weaving technics without stress .

You can visit the class. Let us know your coming beforehand.LinkIcon

Vegetable dyeing class

We have dyeing class once in a month.
You can dye threads and fabric with vegetables. It appear beautiful color and is even good for your health. Because most of dyeing vegetable has been used for medicine from the past.
The class has homely atmosphere and every learner enjoy dyeing at their own pace.
Please see the schedule list attached as below.
Schedule list

  • Date: first Saturday or second Saturday 9:30~11:30 In case of rain,the class might be cancelled.
  • Admission fee : ¥5000
  • Tuition fee:¥4,000 (half day)
  • materials cost will be charged separately

Kudzu-fu workshop

Kudzu-fu workshop has been held in every August.
Participants can lean the entire process of making kudzu-fu in five days.

Make kudzu-fu obi course

Even if you are begginer, don t hesitate to take this course.
We will support you carefully, so you can make your own kudzu-fu obi without stress.

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One day kudzu-fu lecture

Short time kudzu-fu indigo dyeing course

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Weaving & Dyeing Tour

We offer you the weaving&dyeing tour which goes to the place of bast fiber fabric production.
Tourist can meet the living national treasure, visit the place where designated as intangible cultural property, top-class weaving studio,and so on.
You will meet amazing textile products which are made by well-known weavers and deeply stimulated by them.

2005 Natural material exhibition in Okinawa
Koshiro-Oshiro ryukyu tie-dyeing weaving studio
2007 Natural material exhibition in Nakagusuku Okinawa
Shiroma dyeing studio in Okinawa
Basho-fu center in Okinawa 
2009 Natural material exhibition in Kyoto
Kawashima textile museun in Kyoto

2010 Linden fabric tour

visit the place which people make linden fabric in Niigata
Chido museum in Tsuruoka Yamagata

2011 Miyako Jyo-fu tour

Famous weaver Sachiko Aragaki and president of Basho-fu union MIeko Taira gave tourists lecture about fabric which designated as important intangible cultural property in Naha Okinawa.
had experience of making ramie thread at Miyako jyo-fu center in Miyako island.

2012 Wisteria fabric tour

wisteria fabric and Tanba-fu in Kyoto

2014  Bsho-fu tour

Shiroma dyeing studio in Shuri Olinawa
Basho-fu workshop in Kijyoka Okinawa
Lecture &symposium supported by Japanese Agency for cultural affaires

2014 Linden fabric in Sekikawa Yamagata tour

Jerryfish aquarium in Yamagata
Kurokawa-no in Yamagata
Voice of Attsushi, Uetsu shina-ori, Taima-fu(hemp), Kudzu-fu,Fuji-fu, Basho-fu. Miyako jyo-fu, Yaeyama jyo-fu and Hand spun cotton fabric gathered in Yamagata.

We also offer one day tour sometimes.
the place we visited in the past.
・Silk museum in Okaya
・Weaving&dyeing studio Iwasaki and Kageyama studio
・Toyota folk arts museum and Toyota industry memorial museum
and so on


If you need to visit us or inquiry something,dont hesitate to mail us at anytime.

Ooigawa Kudzu-fu Weaving Studio
5-1 Kanaya Izumi-cho Shimada Shizuoka
phone 81-547-45-4151
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