Weaving class 

At first you can learn the basic weaving techniques with table -loom and make coasters, scaves and partition and so on.

  • Place : ooigawa kudzu-fu weaving studio 
    • (parking available. if you take train,we will pick you up and drive to the train station .
  • Date: every Thursday and Saturday
  • Time
    • morning 9:30〜11:30
    • afternoon13:30〜15:30
    • night 18:00〜20:00(only Thursday)
  • Admission fee:¥5,000 
  • Tuition¥3,000円/half day  ¥6000円/one day
    • ※material cost will be charged separately.

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Begginer class

Use table-type loom. Learn the basic hand weaving technics for one year.
1.How to use the loom for plain weaving coaster

stripe pattern table center

2.Strype pattern coaster , How to use weaving equipments

3.stripe pattern coaster , clouds pattern coaster

4. warping using warping piles , stripe pattern table center

5.kudzu-fu space partation

6.complicated pattern scarf

7. pattern weaving

The person who complicated the beginners class will be given the certification.

Intermediate class

Use table-type loom.
Learn various types of plain weaving.

1.Sample weaving

hand spun cotton scarf

2.Transparent weaving

3.Wicker weaving

4.Ethnic bag with fabric which is woven with threads twisted together and scoop weaving belt.

5,Obi made in Okinawa

6.Pile weaving

7.Learn about various threads

8.Torn yarn weaving for half size obi

Upper class

Use table type loom and large loom.
For more complicated weaving techniques.内容:
1.Warp pattern table center

transpparent weaving

2.Rain pattern scarf

3.Weft pattern table center

4.Twill weaving and organization chart

5.Bad with glasses weaving

6. Use large loom

7. Weft move pattern weaving

8. Stripe gauze

9. Minser obi with the techniques of scoop weaving


If you need to visit us or inquiry something,dont hesitate to mail us at anytime.

Ooigawa Kudzu-fu Weaving Studio
5-1 Kanaya Izumi-cho Shimada Shizuoka
phone 81-547-45-4151
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