Class schedule

13 Sat. May dyeing class dyeing stuff turmeric
Turmeric has an effect of sterilizing and insect proofing.
Therefor it is common to be used for baby clothing, furosiki for kimono and hand towel.
Ninja filtered water through hand towel dyed with turmeric when they drink water river water.
This time I recommend you to dye large fabric for pillow, sheet and pajama.
You will get healthy during night.

Dyeing materials used in the past

Dyeing class in March

11 March
Dyeing material bark and branches of a beach-tree
Result of a dyeing test refer to the picture above
The upper line shows silk , the lower line shows row cotton
Mordant from the left origin,aluminum,tin,titanium,copper and ferrous

Dyeng class in February

date 2nd Feb.
part of morning 9:30~12:00
part of afternoon 13:30~16:00
material of dyeing safflower
effect blood purification period pain cold constitution backache
Hand spun cotton is amazingly dyed by safflower . It becomes very cute pink . You will gain feminacy power by the
color. This dyeing is usually done in just winter. Safflower dyeing liquid is pressed out from flower petals. So please carry a laundry net which has fine meshes to put the flower petals in it.

Dyeing class in January

Date 14 January
Dyeing material pomegranate rind
Picture shows hand spun cotton dyed with pomegranate rind using aluminum for mordant as below.

Effective to control stomatitis, tonsillits, tooth ache and diarrhea.

Dyeing class in November 2016

Dyeing material Biwa leaves, rind and bud
Effective to control bruise, muscle pain, and heat rash
Expect salmon pink color

Dyeing class in December 2016

Dyeing material logwood (core of the big tree in South America)
The picture shows the kudzu thread dyed with logwood using tin for mordant
Effective for hemostatic, pain relief and antiseptic.


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