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Back Strap Loom Workshop

If there are two or more people interested in participating in the workshop, it will be held。

"Continued Research on Hand Looms" by Ryo Maeda

"Continued Research on Hand Looms" by Ryo Maeda

The back strap loom, called zhi-bata, izari-bata, or koshi-bata in Japanese, has been decreasing in numbers recently. However, a few weavers of Yuki-tsumugi still use this type of loom. Various types of back strap looms, in which weavers control the tension of the warp with their lower back, exist in the Pacific Rim. In the past, a frame was built for the primitive back strap loom to improve its ease of use and the quality of the textiles, and it is referred to as kidai-tsuki-koshi-bata or tenbin-koshi-bata. This type of loom is found in Japan, Korea, and China.
Recently, dozens of back strap looms faced the danger of being scrapped in Aomori. We hope to preserve these valuable resources for modern times and their way of life, and have therefore decided to hold a back strap loom workshop.


2023  September, Octber, November
for 3days 


Oigawa Kuzu -fu Weaving Studio
Kanaya-izumi-cho 5-1, Shimada, Shizuoka prefecture , Japan

Workshop fee

lodging and meal charges are not included


History of the back strap loom and its mechanism (lecture)
Preparing for the back strap loom weaving
(warping, reel , making heddles, threading and weaving adjustable fabric)
You can use the back strap loom by yourself after taking this workshop.

Backstrap loom

If participants wish to do so, they will be given a back strap loom. A fee of JP¥65,000 will be charged.
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day 1

Time               Event
10:00 AM       Assemble Orientation
10:30 AM       Explanation of the loom
1:00 PM         Warping
2:30 PM         Reeling
3:30 PM         Making of heddles
5:00 PM         Close
6:00 PM         Welcome party 

day 2

Time               Event
9:00 AM          Assemble  Lecture on various types of looms  and why       theback strap loom?
10:30 AM        Practice weaving
12:00 PM        Lunch
1:00 PM          Practice weaving
5:00 PM          Close
6:00 PM          Trip to a hot spring

day 3

Time                Event
9:00 AM          Lecture on how back strap weaving can save thefuture of humanity
10:00 AM        Practice weaving
12:00 PM        Lunch
1:00 PM          Practice weaving
3:00 PM          Graduation ceremony

The difference between the floor loom and the back strap loom

There are key differences between the floor loom and the back strap loom.
With a floor loom, the warp is kept at a consistent tension between the front beam and the rear beam, but the weft can tend to wave.
On the other hand, with a back strap loom, the warp between the weaver's lower back and the rear beam changes tension as the weaver moves their lower back forward and backward, causing the warp to tend to wave.
This requires skill to create a beautiful selvage.
We look forward to receiving your registration!

Yone-ori Association Hall, Ramie loom

Yone-ori Association Hall, Ramie loom