Oigawa Kudzu-fu Weaving Studio


In China

 Kudzufu bad been used for a long time from ancient.
The oldest kudzu-fu made in the Neolithic era was excavated in China.

history of textile technology of ancient china
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In the Zhou dynasty(B.C.1046~B.C.256), they wore kudzu-fu considerably but stopped making kudzufu in the Tang dynasty(617~907).

In Japan 

Kudzufu made in the Tumulus period(250~538) around 1500 years ago , was unearthed in Fukuoka.

kudzu-fu attached onto the upper mirror , owned by Kyushu national museum

In the Edo period(1600~1868), samurai  wore kudzu-fu as a travel coat or a formal jacket.

 In Civil War era

Hakama used by Uesugi Kenshin
The general in the  Civil War era, about 450 years ago

hakama of Uesugi Kenshin


The armour, owned by Enshu Kobori.
A general in the Civil War era(1467~1615) , about 450 years ago.
Enshu Kobori was also a famous tea ceremony master.

armor of Enshu Kobori

Tokyo National Museum




The armou,  owned by Nagamasa Asano.
A general in the  Civil War era,  about 450 years ago

armor of Asano General

Photo: Tokugawa Museum Pictorial Record
Fashion of Japanese military commander
Armor of Nagamasa Asano