official website of Oigawa Kudzu Cloth 遠州の伝統手織り 葛布を今に伝える工房 大井川葛布

What is Oigawa Kudzu Cloth?

Kudzu fabric are made at our Oigawa kudzu fabric studio.Near our studio there is a big river named Oigawa river. 2005 merger of the town caused our town named Kanaya to change it's name to shimada. Next to Kanaya there is Kakegawa town which is very famouse for kudzu fabric. Kanaya is also famous for kudzu fabric .
Our studio was established in 1952 from then we have been producing wall paper and covering. All these materials are from nature. 1998 we changed our companies name from Shizuoka kappu to Oigawa kudzufu and begun to produce new items which must amaze you.

Concept of Oigawa kudzu cloth

Recently the world environment seems to getting worse day by day. Big forest loose it's shape everyday.When and who can stop such deeds ?Where human will go?

At the beginning of human history they put natural fiber on their skin such as kudzu , ramie , linden ,wisteria・・・etc. These fiber was effective for thermoregulation and avoid harmful bacteria even evil spirits . They dyed the fiber with natural materials .These natural materials were good for health and protect them from all of evil things.
We hope contribute to people who live now by supplying this miracle fabric. And to extend the way of natural fabrics is also our mission from God. Because the way of natural fabric can guide you the next stage of human history. It bring you beautiful skin , richness ,health and the true image of the universe . Our ancestors want to help and guide you to the safety stage , we are just agent of human ancestors and something great .