What's Oigawa Kudzu-fu Weaving Studio?

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 Oigawa Kudzu-fu Weaving Studio

What is the Oigawa Kudzufu Weaving Studio?

Welcome to the Oigawa Kudzufu Weaving Studio, where the art of weaving and dyeing with natural materials is at its finest. Established in 1952, our studio is located in the charming town of Shimada, formerly known as Kanaya, nestled beside the majestic Oigawa River. Our passion for creating exquisite Kudzufu products is reflected in our use of only the finest natural materials to produce high-quality wallpaper, coverings, kimono, obi, and a range of unique small items. Our skilled artisans combine traditional techniques with contemporary design to produce exceptional products that embody the beauty and elegance of Japanese craftsmanship. We are proud to share our passion for natural materials and the art of weaving with enthusiasts from America and Europe who appreciate the beauty and value of our work.

Concept of Oigawa kudzu cloth

At the dawn of human history, people used natural fibers like kudzu, ramie, linden, wisteria, and more as a protective layer on their skin. These fibers were not only effective for thermoregulation but also had the ability to ward off harmful bacteria and even evil spirits. They also dyed these fibers with natural materials, which had health benefits and protected them from negative influences.
Our mission is to continue this tradition and supply today's men with this miraculous textile. By promoting the use of natural fiber textiles, we believe we can contribute to the next stage of human history, where we can achieve beautiful skin, an abundant supply of resources, and a greater understanding of the universe. Our ancestors want to help and guide us to a safer and better future. We see ourselves as mere agents, carrying forward this legacy of something great.